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Booking a shoot

I try to make my booking process as easy as possible. I try to make sure that everything that can be listed on my site is listed on my site. I also try to over deliver on what is promised. Photo shoots to me are easy because everything is set by you and your client. It's not like sports where you have to catch a person in action or miss the moment, we can create that moment over and over again if need be, even though I get that moment the first time.

I decided that weddings aren't for me because you don't have that type of freedom. People are normally tense and having a scheduling issue and tempers and emotions are at an all time high. Those are beautiful days with beautiful people, but I prefer portraits when I shoot. I love fashion shoots and working with models or making my clients look like models.

I don't do heavy editing, but I do edit my photos and make sure that you look like the best version of you. Don't worry I will make sure that your pictures are the best pictures you have ever taken.

I like to work with clothing designers and stylist who want to showcase their looks and I would love to do a hair shoot for a brand, but that is all still on my wish list a long with fitness shoots and boudoir shoots as well.

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