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Divas of Hospitality

JIG Media at the Divas of Hospitality event

This weekend we had the opportunity to check out a great event in Charleston, SC. The Divas of Hospitality event was held at the Redux in downtown Charleston. I must say I love the art in that place it was a lot of great work all over the walls.

The event was for a charitable cause and it was billed to be 4 black female chefs showing you what they can do. I did enjoy most of the dishes that they served and I enjoyed the energy in the building. They had the Cocktale Bandits serving up some of their recipes from their new book and Kween Kat as the dj on the 1's and 2's.

I enjoyed the event and the vibe and if you would like to experience it through my lens check out the photos and videos here

PD the CEO

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