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I finally made a website!

I've been doing photography and videography for 6 years now!

"It's funny how money change the!" Lauryn Hill

It's crazy I have been branding #thedopeshoot for years now, but every time someone would ask me do I have a website I would have to tell them no! It was just a few days ago where someone complimented my work and asked about a website where I decided enough is enough! With my lovely wife by my side and my son in my arm I began to create. Using great images that has made my page so popping I created this beautiful website.

I hope you guys enjoy my blogs I normally just vlog, but I will try to write a little something as well.

Wow, it looks great in here, welcome to my world!

Shouts out to Ms. Brewer for helping me put it together!

PD the CEO

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