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Sometimes a contest ends fast!

In my city we have a lot of artist. So many artist that they can click up based on their area code or zip code. So many artist that eventually artist started becoming members of the media to help promote the amount of artist that we have.

You may be asking what’s the point of the paragraph above, don’t worry I’m getting to it. I guess my point is that with all of these artist sometimes great talent can be ignored or overlooked. Sometimes it’s about money, sometimes it’s about placements.

What I like to do is create opportunities for artist to be seen, be promoted and be given an opportunity. That brings me to my point. This weekend I gave an opportunity for an artist to get a free promo video. This would be a simple video, simple story and done in a short amount of time.

Out of hundreds of artist only one responded. What can I say about that? I have nothing to say about that I just keep pushing and grinding and working towards the greater goal of building my market in the music business.

The video drops tonight on YouTube and my video channel on this site.

PD the CEO

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